Eco Drycleaning

We use no harmful chemicals such as Perchloroethylene which has been linked to liver disease, kidney disease and reproductive disorders. It’s used by 85% of the dry cleaning industry.We use biodegradable, health friendly, non toxic detergents instead of the toxic.We introduce wet cleaning using lagoon Advanced Care System which is delicate on fabrics and gentle on environment.

Wet Cleaning

PERC is dangerous for our health and that of our children, pets and our environment. We are exposed to PERC via our skin when wearing clothes which it has been used on. We also risk exposure through air and water, which it gets into via the dry cleaning process.

Wet cleaning removes this risk of exposure to toxic perchloroylene. It also has the associated benefits of resulting in a softer, fresher garment, which has been treated in a more gentle, caring way. Wet cleaning has been used for decades in the US and France, where PERC is banned, as well as some other European countries.


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Dry-cleaned clothes may have toxic chemical that could affect kidneys The Times of India

“A number of cleaning firms are now also looking for safer alternatives to Perc. In fact, it seems that wet is the new dry in the world of laundering.” The Guardian – UK News

“Perchloroethylene (PERC) was also found to pose a significant risk of developing [Parkinsons] if people were exposed to it. (…) PERC is used as a dry-cleaning agent and degreasing agent. The Daily Mail – UK News

“According to the EPA, breathing PERC for even a short period of time can cause dizziness, fatigue and headaches.” ABC News – US News

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